Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are formally entering into a contract with Beyond Horizons Academy and agreeing to our processing of your data. When students accept their place on our courses, they are agreeing to attend their Beyond Horizons Academy course and pay for the course in full. Students must ensure that they have enough money for the course before they accept their place. Sponsored students must ensure that they will be able to receive their funding before they accept their place at Beyond Horizons Academy.

2. Payment methods

Beyond Horizons Academy accepts payments via bank transfer, credit or debit card or, in certain circumstances, cash in the centre. Details of the Beyond Horizons Academy’s bank account are on the invoices given to students. Students are responsible for paying any fees or deductions on international transfers. Students can pay by credit or debit card in the Centre. All card payments will each come with a 1.7% transaction fee on top of the amount being paid. Students can pay in cash in the College. Beyond Horizons Academy does not
recommend that students carry large amounts of cash to the College for safety reasons. Beyond Horizons Academy does not accept Western Union payments.

3. Deposits

To secure a place on a Beyond Horizons Academy course, students must pay a 30% deposit on all their course fees. Students who do not pay the deposit risk losing their
place to another student. The deadline for registration on a Beyond Horizons Academy course is 4 weeks before the start of the course. Registrations after this point will incur an extra charge of £100 per student. Students must pay their 30% deposit before the registration deadline. Payments after this deadline may incur extra charges in addition to the £100 late registration, depending on the payment method and date of payment. Please speak to management for more information.

4. Deadlines

The final deadline for payment and arrival of Financial Guarantees is the two weeks before the course start date at 5pm.If students do not have a Payment Plan and do not pay their full fees by this date, they will not be allowed to continue to study at Beyond Horizons Academy. No refund is given.

5. Instalments and Payment Plans

Students can request to pay for their course in instalments. This must be sent to Beyond Horizons Academy in writing before they accept their place on the course. Requests
for Payment Plans will be considered on a case-by-case basis up to the first day of the first semester. Any requests for Payment Plans after the start of the course will not be considered. Students will need to complete a Payment Plan form, and have it approved by Beyond Horizons Academy. Students need to follow the Terms and Conditions as set out on their Payment Plan. Students who do not keep to their Payment Plan or who fail to make payments will not be allowed to continue to study at Beyond Horizons Academy.

6. Sponsored students

Students who will be sponsored are responsible for submitting their documents correctly to their sponsors on time. Students who have not received their Financial Guarantee by the deadline may not be allowed to continue studying at Beyond Horizons Academy. Payments should be completed by the end of the first semester. If a student loses their sponsorship or their sponsorship fails, that student is then responsible for their full payment, including any refunds that Beyond Horizons Academy must make, if they want to continue studying at Beyond Horizons Academy. Students who do not make payments will not be allowed to continue to study at Beyond Horizons Academy.

7. Extra services and payments

Beyond Horizons Academy offers a range of extras and services to its students that are not included in the main course fees and are usually optional to students*. *extra charges may be mandatory for students in certain circumstances. Please speak to Beyond Horizons Academy management for further information. Students must pay for these services and extras in full before they can access them. If the student hasn’t paid for the course or if their Financial Guarantee hasn’t been received by Beyond Horizons Academy, they will not be given any course book or course materials. If the centre is required to close in response to any situation such as COVID-19 restrictions, all face-to-face lessons will move online and will continue without interruption.8 Holidays Beyond Horizons Academy has holidays throughout the academic year, including UK bank holidays and Christmas. Please see the Beyond Horizons Academy term dates for the holidays in each academic year. Students are not charged for weeks when the centre is closed if they are paying weekly. However, when the college is closed for a public or religious holiday that is only one day, students are still charged for a complete week. No refunds will be given for any days missed due to holidays.


Please refer to our Deposits, Fees, Cancellations and Refunds Policy for further details.

10. Admission Policy

Please refer to our admissions policy for further details.

11. Other policies

It is important to read all of our policies found here and ensure you understand the
conditions set out in these policies before submitting.

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